About Me

I am Maria. I believe life is for living and am a ‘Glass half full’ type girl.

I love to write. I have been fortunate to have worked for a real mix of companies, covering different writing topics. Starting off with Children’s Books Publishing before embarking on a new journey into the world of travel, working with travel agents, the U.K tourist board, foreign common wealth office and collaborating with a number of travel brands.

I have upskilled and completed a Foundation in Social Media Marketing with Digital Mums, to increase my working opportunities.

I enjoy flexible working and now work as a freelancer – travel writing, copywriting and working on content and social media strategies. I am always looking for new assignments and collaborations, remote work and in-house. 

My dream is to visit every continent and discover new traditions and food.

I am also a mum of 3 adventurous and curious children. Juggling life and school runs, leading to the name of my blog.

My blog aims to cover lifestyle, travel and food: what I have discovered being a parent for the past 9 years, parenting wins and fails, travel adventures and food discoveries.

It’s all one giant learning curve and I am embracing it and doing the best I can.

Look out for Monday Motivation and Friday Feeling tweets that work with this blog.

SO if you are looking for a blog that covers every day life with a positive outlook – this is for you.


I got my black belt in Renshinkai Karate at the age of 11.

I have a number of short stories published.

Food Heaven: Poached eggs with smashed avocado, grilled halloumi cheese on sourdough bread

Food Hell: Oysters

Contact for work/collaborations/promotions: mariamumonschoolrun@gmail.com